High rigidity-Engineering Plastic Ballscrew

High rigidity-Engineering Plastic Ballscrew A plastic that has excellent mechanical properties : heat resistance, electrical properties, chemical properties, optical properties, and processing efficiency that can be used as engineering materials.

N1605 PB Series Prepressing
N1605 PB Series Prepressing
1640 P Series Integrally molded
0802 X Series Embedded

Engineering plastic ball screw and ball screw comparison

High rigidity of engineering plasticsGeneral of Ballscrew
Low price scrupulously and respectfullyLow loadHigh loadHigh price scrupulously and respectfully
Simple processingLife is short (approximately 2/3)Long service lifeDelivery length
No noiseA back gap(2~3 strip)Low backlashNoise
Do not rustEasy to rust
Replacement of highA replacement is not easy
Easy to repair
InventoryInventory pressure
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