Conditions of the Ball Screw

The following conditions are required when selecting a Ball Screw

速度線圖Velocity Diagram
Transfer orientationHorizontal, Vertical, etc.
Transferred massm (kg)
Table guide methodSliding, Rolling
Frictional coefficient of the guide surfaceµ (—)
Guide surface resistancef (N)
External load in the axial directionF (N)
Desired service life timeL h(Hour)
Stroke lengths (mm)
Operating speedVmax (m/s)
Accelerationt1 (s)
Even speedt2 (s)
Decelerationt3 (s)
Accelerationα = Vmax / t1 (m/s)²
Acceleration distance1 = Vmax × t1 × 1000 (mm)
Even speed distance2 = Vmax × t2 × 1000 (mm)
Deceleration distance3 = Vmax × t3 × 1000/2 (mm)
Number of reciprocations per minuten (min-1)
Positioning accuracy(mm)
Positioning accuracy repeatability(mm)
Minimum feed amountS (mm/pulse)
Driving motorAC servomotor, stepping motor, etc.
The rated rotation speed of the motorNMO (min-1)
Inertial moment of the motorJM (kg · m²)
Motor resolutionpulse / rev.
Reduction ratioA (—)